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Residential Spiral Staircases

Stairways Inc. manufactures residential spiral stairs which can be used for interior or exterior use. There are various applications for these residential spiral staircases including the ones below and many more!

Home Spiral Staircase Applications

  • Decks - Spiral stairs meet code for secondary access, can be a means of egress
  • Outdoor Kitchens - Above outdoor kitchens spiral stairs add accent
  • Libraries - Wood spiral stair or metal and wood staircases will add warmth in the space
  • Shops- Spiral stair will save floor space with enough walk room to carry tools
  • Boat Houses - These spiral stairs, in aluminum, will allow no added floatation
  • Widows Walk - Beautiful in the center of a room disappearing into the roof
  • Entry Way - Spiral stairs will make a great first impression
  • Reading Lofts - A spiral stair will make a small space feel larger
  • Towers - Limited space at the top, spiral stairs solve the problem
  • Hunting Camps - Spiral stairs can be carried in the back of pickup trucks
  • Man Cave - Unusual designs and materials will add to a masculine space
  • Roof Access - Spiral stair top can be cut off, roof hatches can drop over the staircase top
  • Boats - House boats to yachts, spiral stairs will fit any budget
  • Tree House - Safe and space saving, any child would like a spiral stair
  • Basement Access - Remove a straight run staircase and replace with a spiral stair - added room


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