Replacing Cage Ladders With Spiral Stairs

Replacing cage ladders with spiral stairs is becoming increasingly popular in industries that require workers to access elevated areas. Cage ladders have been used for many years, but they are not the safest option. The chains removable guardrail section on the cage ladder can often be difficult to use, and workers may not always use the ladder safety system as intended. Replacement fixed ladders with spiral stairs provide a much safer alternative. Spiral stairs are more stable and provide better fall protection than ladder fixed ladders. Guardrails are also included in the design of spiral stairs, which means that cages are no longer considered necessary for safety purposes.

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Replacing cage ladders with spiral stairs is a wise move for companies and industries that prioritize safety in the workplace. The use of caged ladders, which were previously considered a reliable ladder safety system, has been found to be inadequate in protecting workers from falls. The ladder cage requirements that were once enforced by OSHA have been updated to include guidelines for portable extension ladders, existing fixed ladders, stepladders, and stairways. This update includes requirements for equipped fixed ladders to provide increased protection for workers using them. Spiral stairs are an efficient fall protection solution because they eliminate the need for cages while providing a safe way up and down elevated work areas. Guardrails are also included in the design of spiral stairs, which means that cages are no longer considered necessary for safety purposes. This update brings about many benefits including reduced costs associated with maintaining existing ladder systems and increased worker productivity due to improved access to work areas.


Replacing cage ladders with spiral stairs is a smart move for any industrial facility. Offset fixed ladder sections can be difficult to navigate, and using ladders without a safety device puts workers at risk. The addition of landing platforms and proper rung spacing ensures that workers can safely climb to heights exceeding 20 feet without the need for a cage. Spiral stairs also allow for easier access to chimneys or other hard-to-reach areas, increasing productivity. By removing the cage, workers have more space and are less likely to get caught on the rails or rungs. Additionally, the provided landing platforms offer a safer alternative when transitioning from one section to another. With only 2 feet height fraction between each section and no cage required, these stairs provide unparalleled safety while also reducing maintenance costs associated with traditional ladder systems.


Replacing cage ladders with spiral stairs is a smart and effective solution for many businesses. In the past, doorways ladder systems were the norm for accessing different levels within a building, but these systems often posed safety risks. With fixed ladder systems, individuals had to climb up and down on narrow rungs without any protective measures. However, by replacing doorways ladder with stairway openings that are made from standard spiral stair designs, individuals can now move around safely and more comfortably. These stairs can also be used in passageways where portable ladders were once required. Openings in studded walls or areas that include doorways or temporary openings can now be replaced with a tread platform/landing that is made from stainless steel and has a diameter style of large diameter tanks. Additionally, these staircases come equipped with extendable side rails that provide extra support as individuals move up or down the staircase. These staircases are so safe that no cage is needed.


Replacing cage ladders with spiral stairs is a smart decision for any industry that requires workers to access elevated tanks. The simplest design of these spiral staircases consists of flat bar stringers, serrated grating treads, and shell square bar posts. The diameter of the spiral staircase can be tailored to fit any tank shell, making them a perfect fit for your tank.

Replacing cage ladders with spiral stairs is a no-brainer for anyone who wants to make their tiny tanks safer and more accessible. Whether you're running an amusement park with kiddies or just need something to help you get to the top of a tall tank, spiral stairs are the way to go. Unlike ladder or even straight stairway solutions, end spiral staircases are easy to install and won't cost you a fortune in the long term.

Replacing cage ladders with spiral stairs has become a necessity due to the newer rule that prohibits the use of cage ladders in buildings. It's important to match other area stairs and provide enough climbing space while maintaining the strength needed for daily use. Although there may be complications during installation, replacing a cage ladder with a spiral staircase will provide clear width that is necessary for tanks or other equipment to be accessed safely. Using channel and stringer are common combinations that allow for regular intervals of at least 15 inches on centerline.