Aluminum Industrial Spiral Staircases

Multi Family

Our aluminum stairways will add architectural interest to any residential, commercial or industrial project. The all aluminum spiral stairway is built around a 4" or 6 5/8" OD sch-40 center column which meets or exceeds most building codes. We use the highest grade of aluminum to manufacture our spiral stairs. Our standard fully assembled aluminum stairs are built with a 3/16" thick checker plate tread with a matching landing platform.

Multi Level Roof Access

The handrail is a 1 ½" round diameter tubing and the main balusters are a 1" square with 1/8" wall thickness. If your stair has to meet any building codes we will add extra center balusters to achieve a minimum of 4" spacing between balusters. The center column comes with 1/4" x 10" round weld on base plate. Each stair comes in one section or spliced if desired by the customer, which bolts back together with the supplied hardware included. No welding is required. The standard finish on our aluminum stairs is a mill finish. Other finishes are available upon request.

Resteraunt And Bar

Our kit stairways are made with the same high quality materials as the fully assembled stairs. The difference between the welded fully assembled stairs and our kit stairs is that the kit can be easily taken to a hard to get place where a fully assembled stair could not be installed. We can also meet any building code if required in your area. Each stair comes disassembled in a box with all of the components and hardware required to reassemble. Instructions are included no specialty tools are needed to assemble.

Seawater Enviroments

Options available: any diameter, degree, smooth plate treads, wood overlays, balusters, different top rails, landings and railings, or tell us what you want.

Building Code Compiance

Decoding the Building Code Before You Order

Before you think about the aesthetics of your spiral stair you need to address the practical issue of building codes. Please contact your local building inspector before you place an order for a spiral stair.

Industrial Spiral Staircase Applications

Replacing Cage Ladder

No harnesses needed or clipping to ladders when using spiral stairs

Crane Access

Gantry, pivot or stationary pedestals – spiral stairs can be designed for all crane access

Sewage Treatment Plants

Galvanized spiral stairs serve these plants well


Spiral stairs can make tall spans with multiple exit points


Short or tall elevation changes, spiral stairs conform to OSHA standards


Inexpensive and easy to install, spiral stairs with catwalks can link silos saving space and money


Interior or exterior, welded spiral stairs are durable and practical

Wet Sumps

Submerged spiral stairs can be produced in aluminum or stainless steel

Oil Platforms

Ships or rigs, Monkey Board to the Moon Pool, spiral stairs are used with limited space


New construction or remodels, spiral stairs can be designed for any ship layout

Maintenance Access

Roof access to underground service panels, spiral stairs will get you there


Spiral stairs are much less expensive than conventional curved stairs


Submarine maintenance at port – spiral stairs drop into missile ports for maintenance

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