72" Welded Stainless Steel

On the coast, the only material of better quality than aluminum is stainless steel. Stairways, Inc.'s stainless steel spiral stairs use alloy #304, although, any grade of stainless can be utilized. If corrosion resistance is the main concern for an exterior application, mill finish will be the most economical. All levels of finishes, #1 through #7 are available, #4 being the most common. If a color match will be required, stainless steel spiral stairs can be coated with a wet paint or powder. Stairways, Inc.'s stainless steel spiral stair models include welded (shown in the photo), standard kits and heavy duty kits - all of which are suitable for interior or exterior applications. All CNC patterns shown in the “Component Parts" section are available on steps and landings. To see the available parts visit our website at www.stairwaysinc.com or they can be seen in Stairways, Inc.'s brochure. If a low maintenance spiral stair is what your project demands, at Stairways, Inc., this is the best of the best.