Football field spiral staircase
space saving steel spiral staircase space saving steel spiral staircase

Commercial Spiral Staircases: All welded construction.

Spiral stairs built to last.

Model # 60 S Stainless Steel with Oak Tread

This stair is 60" in diameter using 22 1/2 degree treads. The treads are pan type with a 1 1/2" to 1 1/2" taper and have an overlay of 1 1/2" red oak wood with a nosing.

The wood overlay has a 1" routed grove so the stainless steel pan lip can be inverted 1" into the wood and only 1/2" of the stainless showing. The handrail is 1 1/2" round 16 gauge stainless steel tubing; balusters are 3/4" round solid stainless steel bar with three per tread and less than 6" spacing.  The center column is 3 1/2" ID schedule 40 pipe with a welded dome cap. The stainless steel has a # 4 Brush finish, and the wood overlay finish done by others.