space saving steel spiral staircase
Football field spiral staircase
space saving steel spiral staircase space saving steel spiral staircase

Commercial Spiral Staircases: All welded construction.

Spiral stairs built to last.

Model 72 FAS Checker Plate Steps, 1 1/2" Rd Grab Rail. 1/4" x 12" Plate Stringer, 1/2" Sq Balusters To Form A Safety Cage.

With Stairways, Inc. design and fabrication possibilities are countless. Shown here is a 72" diameter spiral stair rising over 30'.  The spiral stair center column is designed to free stand while being tied to the structure at the top and bottom. This is an exterior application at a commercial warehouse. Safety, theft, mischievous youth, and possible liability issues were all concerns. Spiral stair design included resting platforms for code compliancy and a cage design which runs from top to bottom including lockable gates. This spiral stair shipped in one section while arriving on a truck and picked off the truck to the point of install in one lift.