Industrial Model - 60 FAS

 All Welded 56' Tall Common uses for an industrial spiral staircase manufactured by Stairways Inc. are as follows: Silos, grain elevators, mine shafts, back stage at theaters, dams, vessels and all tall structures. Spiral stairs are an inexpensive means to climb tall distances. For over forty years, Stairways Inc has designed and manufactured countless spiral stairs for many unusual locations and conditions. For example, offshore with the harsh selenic atmosphere, salt mines, damp dam environments and corrosive industrial plants. All different applications resulting in specific types of material or coatings. Contact Stairways Inc, to speak to one of our experienced staff in the design stage of your next project. You will be on the right track from the start.

Above is an example of a spiral stair designed by Stairways Inc. Servicing a vessel with control equipment at top. Safer than a cage ladder and less expensive than a switch back straight stair. Climbing 56' in an area with no snow or oily walking surfaces. Checker Plate material used for steps and landings. 1" square balusters supply enough strength to withstand lateral loads for safety. 1 1/2" O.D. steel rail complete a rail design for ease of use. Overall diameter 60" leaving a walk space of 26" for comfort. Rest landing are used to take a break if needed. \

Spiral staircase center columns will vary from application to application. As seen, a 4" O.D. column has been used. For lateral strength and wind loading, bracing has been used for support. Depending on the width and height of the spiral stair larger diameter columns can be used to support taller stairs without bracing.