Industrial Models

This image is a spiral that is stair straight up 32’ without lateral bracing. This spiral stair replaced a cage ladder. It was designed to connect at the top and bottom only. The staircase was galvanized via a dipped process once it was fabricated. The spiral stair shipped in one section with a pad eye added to the column top. Offshore wind-loading is a critical element. Handling, shipping and installation was simple. The spiral stair was welded at the top landing and the base plate bottom – the stair was ready to use. Spiral stairs up to 7’ 10” in diameter and as long as a 52’ column (end to end) can be galvanized and dipped in one section. On cage ladders, OSHA requires a safety harness and clipping-in; these are not requirements for spiral stairs. If you are considering replacing a cage ladder, contact our Sales Dept. with your upper and lower floor plan, and we will design a spiral staircase to fit your needs.