Industrial Models - 60 FASG Galvanized 60" diameter

stacking spiral stair.

Snow and Ice: Stairways, Inc. Industrial-use spiral stairs are strong, economical and versatile. The application pictured here has two exit points in different directions. Stacking spiral stairs with varying elevations and exit points, may seem difficult but Stairways, Inc. has the experience and the knowledge for these challenging design situations. Regardless if your spiral stair rises 2 floors or 20 floors, we can stack spiral stairs to meet your requirements. Center column sizes can vary; the step length and run can be adjusted to change the diameter and rotation amounts. Picket rails or pipe rail systems are available. The spiral stair shown is fitted with bar grate steps and landing. This is a great idea in areas where weather conditions consist of snow and ice. Bar grating is also a good choice where oily walking surfaces occur. Standard bar grating has a smooth edge. Serrated edge and checker plate nose are also available. This spiral stair is designed to last. It has a galvanized dipped coating that was applied after fabrication. All of the holes and slots are pierced and all of the welding is completed, at our plant, before the galvanization process is performed. When you receive a spiral stair from Stairways, Inc., it will be ready to install. Once installed your spiral stair will require little or no maintenance for years to come.