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Industrial Spiral Stair 96S Steel

Industrial spiral stair 96 inches diameter and reaches 10 feet in height. What makes this spiral staircase special is that it is a means of egress. Customer needed a stair that could take a limited amount of space making a straight run stair out of the question. They came to us, and we were able to design a spiral stair that fit the footprint and passed code. With a 36 inch high grab rail and a 42 inch high guard rail along with an inside handrail all around a 6 inch center column, the qualifications for a means of egress were met ... saving our customer space and money.

Steps and landing 3/16” Checker plate steel. Balusters, 1” square spaced at less than 4” apart. Three spiral rails all 1 ½” round steel. Center column 6” pipe. Coated twice, primer and black enamel. This spiral staircase will take its share of abuse over the years. All welded construction, solid material and fabrication. Stairways Inc has produced another stair built to last.

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