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Commercial Spiral Staircases

Stairways Inc. manufactures commercial spiral stairs which can be used for interior or exterior use. There are various applications for commercial spiral staircases including hotel lobbies, fire exists, airplane hangers, mezzanine spiral stairs, and more!

Commercial Spiral Staircase Applications

  • Lobbies - Make a statement with a spiral stair
  • High Rise Connecting Floors - Occupying a couple of floors, spiral stairs prevent elevator use
  • Press Boxes - Practical uses or luxury boxes, spiral stairs solves space issues
  • Back Stage - Theaters, performing arts, auditoriums, tall applications, multi-levels - spiral stairs fit well
  • Multi-Housing - Spiral stairs sold in bulk are inexpensive to purchase and ship
  • Airplane Hangers - In limited spaces, spiral stairs take little room
  • Water Parks - Queue lines can be made fun with spiral stairs
  • Amusement Parks - Roller coaster emergency access, spiral stairs will add a design element
  • Zip Lines - Spiral stairs can serve multiple levels
  • Bandstands - High School and College Band Directors utilize spiral stairs for viewing
  • Mezzanine Access - Plant areas in mezzanine or to shop offices, spiral stairs are strong and safe
  • Production Lines - Tight spaces in production lines, spiral stairs can access through floors or mezzanine faces
  • Stage Sets - From Broadway to Hollywood, spiral stairs will add flair to any stage set
  • Towers - No height is unattainable - spiral stairs will be more cost effective than typical switch back stairs
  • Fire Exits - Large diameters or small spiral stairs can serve one floor or many

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