Metal Spiral Staircases


A Texas traditional high grade steel kit stair that elevates and adds that needed flair to any space. This elegantly refined stair has a very simplistic design that’s as strong as a mule and is kind to the wallet while not losing any key aspects of a spiral stair.

Blue Magic (Model 60S FAS)

Spiral Staircases can be your back yard enhancement. The spiral stair showcased is a line rail system stair with the radial grate step. This stair was set up as a two tone stair with a galvanize base followed by some blue coating aspects. The style this spiral stair offers is a very industrial vintage look.

Duke Brothers

Yep, you guessed it – named after the Dukes of Hazard these stunning kit stairs are truly at home in this garage. They help tie the whole thing together with the vibrant colors and black hand rails. If bright red and yellow isn’t up your alley, no problem. Here at Stairways Inc. we will work with you to get your desired color. What’s great with the high grade kit stairs is that you hardly need to be a mechanic to install in a weekend just a few friends and tools you will be all set up in a jiffy.


The Enchantment is the perfect element of peaceful outdoor living. This is a heavy duty spiral stair kit made of steel construction. Heavy duty kits are constructed completely in our plant and numbered and disassembled for shipment. Heavy duty kits are Stairways Inc. highest quality bolt together spiral staircase. This spiral stairway is suitable for interior or exterior use. The filigree steps and landing aid in the design fluidity of this peaceful spiral stairway. The baluster design using a single twisted element compliments not only then surroundings but the spiraling effect of the stair. Heavy duty Stairways Inc. spiral stairs are available in steel, aluminum and stainless steel and can be wet painted, powder coated or galvanized. If your space requires a little extra, this this the stair for you.


The Escape is our favorite fire escape. While it may look small and appealing compared to most giant unattractive fire escapes, this high grade aluminum stair doesn’t just look good – it even can withstand whatever Mother Nature can throw at it. All while still passing fire regulations and helping retain the appearance of its location.

Functional Elegance

Upgrade your home's aesthetics and maximize space utilization with our exceptional Residential Galvanized Spiral Stair. Designed to combine functionality, elegance, and long-lasting performance, this spiral staircase offers a striking focal point that seamlessly integrates into any residential setting. Crafted with high-quality steel then lastly finished In a hot dipped galvanize, our spiral stairs are built to withstand the test of time and harsh environmental conditions. The galvanization process provides superior corrosion resistance, ensuring that your staircase maintains its beauty and structural integrity for years to come. Whether installed indoors or outdoors, our galvanized spiral stairs are built to resist rust, corrosion, and wear, making them ideal for any climate.


The Hideout is one of Stairways Inc. signature kit stairs. If you have a hard to access area, a hidden space or just a room with a small door, then this stair is for you. This stair comes shipped right to your doorstep with everything needed to assemble it, which allows you to build the stair in those hard to reach places all while retaining the efficiency and safety of a spiral stair case. The Hideout has a variety of options to personalize it to the size you need and colors to match its surroundings. Not only is this stair great for those difficult places, it can also be used in an outdoor environment and used to access more than one floor.


This tall beast can be customized to fit as many floors need just like many of our stairs. What makes the Icon unique is the rugged, almost industrial look that you get from the radial grate steps that look amazing and increase grip tremendously. This stair possesses indoor and outdoor capabilities as well as being a perfect fire escape.


A timeless piece of art inspired by the beautiful climbing ivy. This fully welded stair can climb as high as you need it to and trust me, it’s more stubborn than a real ivy and will stand tall for ages because it’s crafted by our in-house highly skilled craftsman with decades of experience!


This gentle giant has done it all from the heaviest winters to summer heat at the raised beach house in the picture. This sleek-looking stair comes fully welded and ready to install. The high grade steel checker plate steps can not only handle intense foot traffic, they also double as great grip so you don’t risk slipping after a long day at the beach or a snowy morning. If you’re looking for an elegant stair that gets the job down and last lifetimes all while not breaking the bank this stair is for you!

Lake Way (Model 60AL FAA)

A spiral stair could be your answer to new levels of fun at the lake! Our Lake Way stair is servicing the second story of a boat house. On top is a deck used for personal leisure or for personal play. The Lake Way was fabricated out of all aluminum for this specific water application. Being all aluminum, this stair is not susceptible to rusting or corrosion. Some other benefits is that the stair keeps cool in hot conditions and is a fraction of the weight of a steel stair.

Light Beam

This high quality spiral stair is definitely an eye catcher with its ice white finish coupled with the mesmerizing twist of a spiral stair. In light of this it is very capable of lighting up the atmosphere of any area along with its pristine powder coat that last as long as the stair and remains beautiful for light years.

Park View

Looking to optimize space while adding a touch of elegance to your property? Our 5-foot diameter spiral staircases offer a fantastic solution. With their compact design and stylish appearance, these stairs are perfect for both residential and commercial settings. There are many benefits to a 5-foot diameter spiral stair, highlighting their space- saving features and timeless appeal. Explore our range of spiral staircases and make the most of your available space. Spiral stairs can make accessing a newly built deck or existing deck very convenient. (Wood & lights not supplied by Stairways, Inc.)


This Stairway Inc. original is truly mesmerizing to look at with its streaming curves created with twisted high strength steel channel and to top off this bespoke look, we added a full mess railing on this spiral stair. Each stunning detail makes this stair the perfect piece for a modern industrial style décor that can be used indoor and outdoor streaming to any height needed.

Sea Quest

This ocean loving home owner worked with Stairways Inc. designers to create an ambient piece of art. This bespoke powder coated aluminum spiral stair truly creates the perfect spiral for the ocean. With its high strength aluminum that can handle hurricane force winds while remaining cool under the sizzling heat it is ready for summer – are you?

Silver Dollar

This highly curated stair incorporates a larger diameter center column and our high grade smooth steps to give you the perfect summer workhorse. Ready for the timeless summer days and will last generations all while keeping those bare feet cut free with its classic smooth design.

Subtle Spiral

This tailored steel spiral stair not only looks good on its own, it also goes great in the beautiful layered design of this property. Don’t worry about the sleek, thin design and the name “Subtle Spiral” because it’s far from being a weakling, as with every spiral stair that leaves Stairways Inc. doors. Its fits all spiral stair requirements and will stand the tail of time just as well as our high grade stairs.

Texas Daisy

The Texas Daisy is truly at home here in the Texas countryside with its well-appointed structure and sweeping white railing. This design is definitely the focal point of this honest space bringing a welcoming and historic styling to the property all while being just as resilient as the southern heat.


A high grade steel stair set up in tornado alley ready to take what mother nature has to offer. This stair, like others, is fully welded with diamond plated steps in-house here at Stairways Inc to ensure that it’s built to our high standards with no tolerance for mistakes. Not to mention it’s also painted in our 3rd loading bay to ensure a perfect finish to the monochrome design of this spiral stair.

Building Code Compiance

Decoding the Building Code Before You Order

Before you think about the aesthetics of your spiral stair you need to address the practical issue of building codes. Please contact your local building inspector before you place an order for a spiral stair.

home spiral staircase applications


Spiral stairs meet code for secondary access, can be a means of egress


Above outdoor kitchens spiral stairs add accent


Wood spiral stair or metal and wood staircases will add warmth in the space


Spiral stair will save floor space with enough walk room to carry tools

Boat Houses

These spiral stairs, in aluminum, will allow no added floatation

Widows Walk

Beautiful in the center of a room disappearing into the roof

Entry way

Spiral stairs will make a great first impression

Reading Lofts

A spiral stair will make a small space feel larger


Limited space at the top, spiral stairs solve the problem

Hunting Camps

Spiral stairs can be carried in the back of pickup trucks

Man Cave

Unusual designs and materials will add to a masculine space

Roof Access

Spiral stair top can be cut off, roof hatches can drop over the staircase top


House boats to yachts, spiral stairs will fit any budget

Tree House

Safe and space saving, any child would like a spiral stair

Basement Access

Remove a straight run staircase and replace with a spiral stair – added room

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