Spiral Staircase Landings

Landings, where required, are attached to the top of the staircase and provide the path to the upper level. The landing, in turn, is attached to the structure. Landings come in various shapes and standard sizes. On taller stairs "rest" landings can be added when required. The landing is normally made of materials to match the tread material, including wood overlays. Landing are required when a staircase is installed through a hole in the floor. Landings are not required if the staircase is attached to the corner of a balcony face application. Landing rails are added to the landing to provide a safe exit or entrance from or to the staircase. The standard rail configurations are rail one side, rail two sides (parallel) and rail two sides "L" shape. The handrails and balusters on the landing rails are normally made to match the handrails and balusters on the staircase.