Wood Spiral Staircases

For over three decades, Stairways Inc. has designed, manufactured and delivered a wide variety of wooden spiral staircases, both fully assembled wood spiral staircases and kits ready to be assembled. Assembled wood spiral staircases can be produced and shipped as 8' wide units in one piece. In addition, Stairways Inc. can engineer and manufacture custom wood spiral staircases in any height and any diameter. We can manufacture oak, teak, and cherry spiral stairs to fit your specific needs.

Ninety-eight percent of the wood spiral staircases produced here at Stairways Inc. are shipped in unassembled kit form. Complete assembled wood spiral staircases are also available, provided the assembled unit is no wider than 8'. The "standard" wood used in Stairways Inc. wood spiral staircases is red oak, and is delivered sanded only, ready for whatever stain or finish the client wants to use. Along with red oak, Stairways Inc. offers a wide range of types of wood, including: Maple, Birch, Ash Walnut, Mahogany, Cherry Teak, and more.

Wooden Spiral Stairs

Along with a wide range of wooden spiral staircase types, other options available include an extensive variety of balusters, turned balusters, degrees, diameters, railings and landings, as well as working with your unique custom design. Stairways Inc. has the in-house expertise and capability to work with your custom wooden spiral stair drawings in .dxf or .dwg file formats, or detailed schematics" you can fax or email your files or drawings directly to us. If you need design support, the specialists here at Stairways Inc. are available for immediate assistance. We guarantee all workmanship and material against defects and to be exactly as represented and of the highest quality.Standard wood spiral staircase kits available from Stairways Inc. have diameters from 40" to 72", and weigh from 202 pounds to 347 pounds. Wood spiral staircase kit tread sizes range from 18" to 34", with landing sizes from 21" to 37". With all Stairways Inc. wood spiral staircases that are shipped in kit form, detailed step-by-step assembly instructions are provided, along with a toll free number (if you need additional assembly assistance). Stairways Inc. wood spiral staircases are easy to assemble, many requiring no specialty tools for installation. Family owned and operated for three generations, Stairways Inc. has the specialized knowledge to assist you with all your standard and custom wood spiral staircase needs. For all your wood spiral staircase requirements and specifications, call or email the experts at Stairways Inc. today!