Industrial Spiral Staircases

Stairways Inc. manufactures industrial spiral stairs which can be used for interior or exterior use. There are various applications for industrial spiral staircases including mines, silos, oil platforms, and more!

Industrial Spiral Staircase Applications

  • Replacing Cage Ladders - No harnesses needed or clipping to ladders when using spiral stairs
  • Crane Access - Gantry, pivot or stationary pedestals - spiral stairs can be designed for all crane access
  • Sewage Treatment Plants - Galvanized spiral stairs serve these plants well
  • Dams - Spiral stairs can make tall spans with multiple exit points
  • Mines - Short or tall elevation changes, spiral stairs conform to OSHA standards
  • Silos - Inexpensive and easy to install, spiral stairs with catwalks can link silos saving space and money
  • Plants - Interior or exterior, welded spiral stairs are durable and practical
  • Wet Sumps - Submerged spiral stairs can be produced in aluminum or stainless steel
  • Oil Platforms - Ships or rigs, Monkey Board to the Moon Pool, spiral stairs are used with limited space
  • Ships - New construction or remodels, spiral stairs can be designed for any ship layout
  • Maintenance Access - Roof access to underground service panels, spiral stairs will get you there
  • Tanks - Spiral stairs are much less expensive than conventional curved stairs
  • Military - Submarine maintenance at port - spiral stairs drop into missile ports for maintenance