Metal and Wood Spiral Staircases

A fully assembled spiral stair with wood treads and/or wood handrail manufactured by Stairways, Inc. comes in one section or it can be spliced in two sections or more depending on the height of the stair. Splicing may also be necessary if the stair is being installed in a space with limited access. The company uses the best grades of material available to fabricate our spiral stairways.

We can fabricate any diameter or style stairway which allows our customer a customized stair to meet their personal needs which will enhance any residential, commercial, or industrial project. We can use any combination of steel and wood, alum and wood or stainless steel and wood. We offer many options in wood. Our experienced sales staff will be happy to assist you in any way possible.

Stairways Inc. has three generations of experience and craftsmanship in building spiral stairs. We offer blue line drawings, CAD drawings and engineer calculations or an 8" x 11½" shop drawing if your project requires approvals. Finishes used include red oxide primer, semi black enamel, powder coating, sandblasted or a bare finish. Our stairs are shipped direct to the job site with a ready finish or you can apply a finish as you desire. The finish on the wood is a natural wood finish and the final finish to be applied on the job site by the customer. It will look like a fine piece of furniture when completed.

Options available: any diameter and degree of steps, different balusters, different top rails, many wood types, landings and guard railings. The most versatile stair type in our industry, you can choose from our standard components or design your own.

We guarantee all workmanship and material against defects and to be exactly as represented and of the highest quality. Only the finest materials are used in our stairways. All stairways are hand built by proven craftsmen, making each stairway a beautiful work of art.