Steel Commercial Spiral Staircases

Caterpillar (CAT) Wearhouse

Discovered within a nearby Caterpillar (CAT) warehouse, this spiral staircase was employed for reaching an upper-level office and a man door. It was imperative for this spiral stair to comply with primary means of egress code specifications. At Stairways Inc., we consistently stay informed about nationwide code mandates, ensuring we remain current with any evolving requirements.

Hiking Trail

Enveloped within a woodland setting, our spiral stairs offer superb access to elevated lookout spots, perfect for observing wildlife and embracing the beauty of nature. These stairs can be crafted in multiple sections or even as kit stairs, facilitating easier maneuverability to locations that might be situated off the conventional path.


Lobbies: Command attention with a striking spiral stair.

High-Rise Floor Connections: Spanning multiple floors, spiral stairs offer primary or secondary egress options.

Press Boxes: Whether for functionality or luxurious boxes, spiral stairs provide effective solutions for space challenges.

Backstage: From theaters to auditoriums, and tall multi-level applications, spiral stairs deliver safety and space optimization for ascending and descending.

Observation Towers

Freestanding spiral stairs prove advantageous in situations where structural attachment at the top is unavailable. Here, Stairways Inc. devised a substantial central column to solely support the spiral staircase from its base. The staircase accommodates a filming tower at its summit, serving as an excellent vantage point. Stretching across two football fields, this staircase offers a panoramic 360-degree bird's-eye view.

Office Lobbies

Spiral stairs present a space-saving alternative to traditional straight staircases. This specific staircase found its place within an office lobby, featuring a blend of steel framework, wooden treads, and a brushed stainless steel handrail. At Stairways Inc., we possess the capability to fulfill a wide spectrum of design requirements, ensuring that your vision is impeccably realized.


Zip Lines - Spiral stairs can service an elevated platform full of fun running to the side or through the middle of zip line towers. Bandstands - High School and College Band Directors utilize spiral stairs for viewing Mezzanine Access - Plant areas in mezzanine or to shop offices, spiral stairs are strong and safe Production Lines - Tight spaces in production lines, spiral stairs can access through floors or mezzanine faces

Single Barrel Water Slide

Multi-Housing: Affordable bulk purchases of spiral stairs, both cost-effective to buy and ship.

Airplane Hangars: In space-constrained environments, spiral stairs occupy minimal room.

Water Parks: Elevate the queue experience with enjoyable and secure spiral stairs for all family members.

Amusement Parks: From emergency access for roller coasters to seamless integration into interactive designs, spiral stairs offer versatile solutions.

Stadium Scoreboards

Stage Sets - From Broadway to Hollywood, spiral stairs will add flair to any stage set Towers - No height is unattainable - spiral stairs will be more cost effective than typical switch back stairs Fire Exits - Large diameters or small spiral stairs can serve one floor or many

The Office Building

Searching for a secure and cost-effective roof access solution for your office building, one that surpasses the safety of cage ladders? Look no further than our range of commercial-grade spiral stairs. These meticulously engineered staircases could hold the key to your requirements. Stairways Inc. offers a diverse selection of stairs that seamlessly integrate into any architectural design.

Zip Line Towers

Elevate your enjoyment and adventure to new heights! Stairways Inc.'s spiral stairs are customizable to accommodate various heights, featuring convenient mid landings for easy access and exit at multiple levels. These stairs find purpose in zip line towers, offering seamless transitions. The stairs are coated in a resilient industrial-grade hot-dipped galvanized finish, ensuring a maintenance-free solution.

Building Code Compiance

Decoding the Building Code Before You Order

Before you think about the aesthetics of your spiral stair you need to address the practical issue of building codes. Please contact your local building inspector before you place an order for a spiral stair.

Industrial Spiral Staircase Applications

Replacing Cage Ladder

No harnesses needed or clipping to ladders when using spiral stairs

Crane Access

Gantry, pivot or stationary pedestals – spiral stairs can be designed for all crane access

Sewage Treatment Plants

Galvanized spiral stairs serve these plants well


Spiral stairs can make tall spans with multiple exit points


Short or tall elevation changes, spiral stairs conform to OSHA standards


Inexpensive and easy to install, spiral stairs with catwalks can link silos saving space and money


Interior or exterior, welded spiral stairs are durable and practical

Wet Sumps

Submerged spiral stairs can be produced in aluminum or stainless steel

Oil Platforms

Ships or rigs, Monkey Board to the Moon Pool, spiral stairs are used with limited space


New construction or remodels, spiral stairs can be designed for any ship layout

Maintenance Access

Roof access to underground service panels, spiral stairs will get you there


Spiral stairs are much less expensive than conventional curved stairs


Submarine maintenance at port – spiral stairs drop into missile ports for maintenance

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