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Spiral Staircase Treads

Treads are attached to center column and you will not see hubs, bolts or nuts. The smooth plate step is used for carpet which is applied to the surface with contact cement. Pan types are used for concrete, terrazzo, tile, marble or wood. Treads can be made any degree for better starting location. Other materials available are metal and wood.

Treads are neatly and securely attached to the center column and provide the way to the top. Unsightly hubs, bolts or nuts will not be evident. Metal treads are neatly welded into place while wood treads are attached using concealed bolts and nuts. Tread materials come in a wide variety of metal and wood types. A smooth plate step is used so carpet can be applied to the surface with contact cement. Pan type treads are used to hold concrete, terrazzo, tile, or marble. The pan tread is also used to hold wood overlays for a combined metal-wood look. Many standard tread designs are available to meet that special job need or spiral stair application. Treads are cut in different widths to accommodate the exact number of steps needed to complete the proper spacing for exiting and entering the staircase. The standard tread size is a 30-degree step that completes a circle in 12 steps.

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