Stairways, Inc. Standard Spiral Stair Kits for Remodels

Many homeowners choose to remodel rather than start over, from scratch. Stairways, Inc.’s standard bolt together spiral stair kits will make remodeling simple. Standard spiral stair kits arrive knocked-down. All spiral stair components can be taken indoors without the concern of tight spaces; unlike welded spiral stairs which ship in a couple of sections, and in most cases, require a 36” opening to walk through. Spiral stair kits can be taken inside piece-by-piece, if it is being installed upstairs, down a hallway or around a corner. Most standard spiral stair kits can be installed in less than a day and easy enough for a homeowner to assemble. For your next remodel project, whether you are the homeowner or a professional contractor, contact Stairways, Inc. Our staff can design a spiral stair to complement your project, structurally and aesthetically, and provide you with ease of use.