space saving steel spiral staircase
Football field spiral staircase
space saving steel spiral staircase space saving steel spiral staircase

Commercial Spiral Staircases: All welded construction.

Spiral stairs built to last.

Model 88 FAS Pan Type Steps, Custom Risers, 7 line Pipe Rail All 1 1/2" Round.

This elegant spiral staircase gives a contemporary feel to the 55th floor of a high rise commercial building in downtown Chicago. 88 inches in total diameter, this project's multilevel steel spiral staircase seamlessly connects two floors with pan type steps and a pipe railing system. Not visible in this photo, the upstairs opening of the staircase is surrounded on 270 degrees by a matching railing, completing the staircase aesthetically and in regards to safety.

The building's architects were able to design the dimensions of this spiral staircase by referencing the measurements and specifications listed on our catalog of component parts available at After supplying Stairways, Inc with the design specifications and the dimensions of the fright elevator which would be used to hoist the stairs, our team designed and assembled the staircase which was then shipped to the customer in sections. For this particular application, purchasing a fully assembled spiral staircase was more cost effective than purchasing a spiral stair kit since a stair kit would have required more man hours for on-site assembly. Using the fully assembled staircase, installers needed only to connect the spiral staircase to the top and bottom of the structure and fill in the pantype steps with concrete  saving the customer time, money and effort.