Industrial Model - 60 FAS (Fully Assembled Steel)

Stairways, Inc. industrial spiral staircase total height 56' high to the top of a storage silo. 60" diameter using 30 degree treads. Resting platforms were required at no greater than 12' in elevation. Handrail # 200 (1 1/2" round) tubing; balusters #302 (1" square) tubing, two per tread. Treads #112 (3/16" thick) checker plate steel. A typical width and component configuration for this spiral stairway application.

OSHA requirements differ from residential code standards regarding spiral stairs. Contact Stairways Inc in the design phase of your project. Our sales and design departments can assist in all phases of your project from the layout and code requirements to the strength and size of your spiral stairway. Our spiral stairs can be used for both interior or exterior and can be delivered to any part of the country.

Stairways Inc Industrial spiral stair coatings cover a wide spectrum of uses. Galvanization is common for exterior uses. Galvanized spiral stairways are fabricated in raw steel. They are then sent to be galvanized in the largest sections possible. Stairways Inc can have a spiral stairways dipped in one section 94" wide, 55' long. Additional coatings include wet paint and powder. Our epoxy primer will work with steel, aluminum or galvanization.